About Us & Our Mission

Hi, Kelvin and Rob here from the Gaming Duo Podcast. You’re listening to two childhood buddies who met at the age of 8 at the ball pit in McDonalds in the Bronx, NY. From there on we were inseparable. Our passion for games grew as our friendship grew and here we our now 23 years later and still have a desire to play and discuss games… this time with a purpose, to share our thoughts and hopefully engage you and entertain you in the process. 

We want you to join our community of gamers who like to have profound and engaging discussions about the latest gaming topics.

We personally want to thank you for simply getting this far and clicking onto our Website. We just want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts that you're here. 

We started this podcast to put our passion project of games into something we can share with everyone. So for those getting to know us for the first time, I'm sure you're asking yourself, Why should I listen to your podcast?

Well for starters, We have been friends (practically brothers) since we were eight years old. This means you're getting the best chemistry/passion you can find when it comes to Gaming discussions.

We love what we do and we want to express that by providing you with excellent quality Audio and Video podcast episodes every week. We do not miss a beat. 

We don't just discuss about the news, we try to make it fun not just for us but for everyone listening! that's why we have gaming Trivia and a segment called "Would you Rather", where we make up fun discussion topics you would talk about with your friends while waiting for the load screen to finish. 

Guests! Not just any guests, we try to bring in people who have something to bring to our listeners.

Our goal is to bring in gaming developers and discuss upcoming games, previews and exclusive interviews. We have a lot heading your way!

We thank you again for giving us a chance and supporting The Gaming Duo Podcast. Lets build a community together, but most of all.. Lets Talk about Games!

About the Hosts

Kelvin Rolon

Co Founder

Roberto Garcia

Co Founder