Sept. 2, 2022

Assassin's Creed Mirage officially confirmed by Ubisoft, will take place in the Middle East.

Allow us to introduce this weeks guest! It's Nate from the Elder Trolls Gaming Podcast! The Elder Trolls Gaming podcast is a channel where 3 brothers get together and chat about everything gaming, tech and whatever else comes up. So grab the beverage of your choice and come hang out!

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The dynamic duo Rob Garcia, Kelvin Rolon, and guest Nast3nate bring you the latest gaming news this week:
Assassin’s Creed Mirage has leaked (15:20)
Sony is getting back in mobile gaming (30:10)
 Logitech gaming handheld has leaked online (42:12)
On-Console Tournaments PS5 (51:49)

In Game Chat, we get down and dirty with Nast3nate (58:40)

Would you rather  (1:22:30)

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Nathanael Campoli nast3nateProfile Photo

Nathanael Campoli nast3nate


My name is Nathanael, everyone calls me Nate or Nasty Nate (nast3nate)
Avid gamer, podcaster, and photographer
Graduated and received my audio recording and music production diploma from The Audio Recording Academy in Ottawa Ontario Canada
Graduated and received my Computer Systems Technician diploma from Algonquin College in Ottawa Ontario Canada
Started my own Wedding and Headshot photography business in 2017.
Started The Elder Trolls Gaming Podcast January 2022 with my 2 brothers