Feb. 17, 2023

Episode 108: Xbox Game Pass Cannibalizing Game Sales?

The dynamic duo Rob Garcia and Kelvin Rolon bring you the latest gaming news this week.

Time Stamps

(0:00)- Intro

(4:20)- What are you playing 

(11:59)- Last of Us Episode 5 Recap *Spoilers*

(18:45)- Xbox Confirms That Game Pass Leads To ‘Decline’ In Sales

(28:36)- Early Plans For God of War Ragnarök Involved A Big Death And A Wild Twist

(33:33)- Best selling game in January is Dead Space #2 on the top 20 list 

(40:45)- PSVR 2 Review Round up

(52:20)- Rapid fire news

(55:17)- In-game Chat: What Nintendo franchise would you like to see return ?

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