Feb. 24, 2023

Episode 109: Playstation State of Play, Pokemon Presents & Microsoft New Deal With Nintendo

Kelvin introduces this weeks Co Host while Rob is away.  For the very first time, ½ of the Friday Night Gamecast and host of the limited edition series FireSide Talks, let's welcome Nick!

Time Stamps

(0:00)- Intro (2:35)- Who is Nick?

(8:36)- What are you playing

(15:15)- Last of Us Episode 5 Recap *Spoilers*

(25:17)-Let's Speculate The Next Playstation State of Play

(46:14)- Pokemon Presents Announced (58:49)-Microsoft Deal 10 year deal with Nintendo…

(1:10:08)- The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Art Book leaked

(1:18:28)- Ukraine's government wants ‘toxic’ Atomic Heart pulled from sale over russia links

(1:26:10)- Rapid fire news

(1:28:35)- In-Game Chat : Are we getting too many Remakes/Remaster?

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