March 17, 2023

Episode 112: PS5 Pro Coming 2024! But is it TOO Soon?

The dynamic duo Rob Garcia and Kelvin Rolon bring you the latest gaming news this week.

(0:00) Intro

(6:07) HBO's The Last of Us Episode 9 Recap

(15:10) Twitter Poll Results 

(17:00) Rapid Fire news 

(20:30) Last of Us almost had a prequel featuring Ellie’s mom

(26:50) Rumor Ps5 pro is in active development

(41:13) Nintendo closing the WII U and 3ds Eshop will make the majority of Pokemon games unavailable

(1:01:44) In-Game Chat: You can only have 10 games to play for the rest of your life which 10 are you choosing ?

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