March 24, 2023

Episode 113: Talking Kingdom Hearts 4 with Eric from The Unlockables Podcast

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Listen to the Unlockables Podcast here!:

The dynamic duo Rob Garcia and Kelvin Rolon and special guest Eric bring you the latest gaming news this week:

(0:00) Intro

(4:17) Who is Eric

(22:14) What are you playing?

(30:03) CT Gamerscon

(32:27) Rapid Fire News

(38:59) Spiderman 2 releasing in September

(48:15) Sony will need to make their own 1st person shooter

(56:38) New Final Fantasy 16 gameplay impressions

(1:06:12) In-Game chat: We speculate about Kingdom Hearts 4 and how the series has changed throughout the years.


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Eric Gess

Host of the Unlockables Podcast, the story of video games, the people who play them and the memories made along the way.