May 13, 2022

Episode 70: Special Guest Content Creator Samurai Kibiji

Allow us to introduce this weeks guest! Content Creator Samurai Kibiji. Kibiji is a youtuber and streamer. He brings a  genuine take on the gaming news and trailers. Every week he uploads videos ranging from news on oncoming games, predictions, trailer reactions  and live streams! He has amassed over 2 million views on YouTube! 

Host Rob Garcia, Kelvin Rolon, and guest Samurai Kibiji bring you the latest gaming news this week: Will the Xbox Streaming Stick change the game? (5:08), Gotham Knights new gameplay trailer ( 25:46) and Nintendo's Indie World Showcase (36:44).

In Game Chat, we interview Kibiji and his journey as a Youtuber (47:55). 
Gaming Trivia (1:09:45)

Samurai Kibiji Youtube:
Samurai Kibiji Twitch:

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Tony / Samurai KibijiProfile Photo

Tony / Samurai Kibiji

Content Creator

The hype is awesome! Talking about games in depth is awesome! You guys are awesome! Ok enough of that but after being on MadZ Gaming and GameOnDaily along with hosting some panels of my own, it’s always a joy to be able to talk in depth about games with folks as into them as I am asking questions that the average consumer doesn’t ask for the thrill of fun conversation. I’d love to talk with you and promote it to my platforms where hopefully a few fans join us and co mingle.