July 29, 2022

Episode 81: Special Guests AJ and Heath from the Genre Geeks podcast!

Allow us to introduce this weeks guests! It's Aj and Heath from the Genre Geeks podcast!  They discuss everything from comics, movies, music, games to stupid rants and the most petty hills to die on. If you are looking for a podcast that encompasses all things nerdy this is the podcast for you. 

The dynamic duo Rob Garcia, Kelvin Rolon, and guests AJ and Heath bring you the latest gaming news this week:
New open- world Black Panther game. (9:05)
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is on hold. ( 16:31)
Multiversus characters are already seeing buffs/nerfs. (26:30)

In Game Chat, we get geeky with AJ and Heath (39:10)
Gaming Trivia (1:17:30)

Genre Geeks Podcast: https://linktr.ee/genregeeks

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AJ Quevy


I'm AJ on behalf of the Genre Geeks podcast. A nerd popculture podcast that focuses on nerdy news and shenanigans.