Aug. 12, 2022

Episode 83:EVO 2022 wraps up and Special Guest Artist Sean Carlson

Allow us to introduce this weeks guest! It's Artist Sean Carlson. If you've been to any type of Con lately odds are Sean was there with his work. Sean brings characters from Gaming and Pop culture to life through his art. Me and Kelvin even have pieces of his art hanging in our rooms. Check out his amazing art for yourself!

Sean Carlson Art:

The dynamic duo Rob Garcia, Kelvin Rolon, and guest Sean Carlson bring you the latest gaming news this week:
Evo 2022 wraps up and announcements . (9:59)
Sonic Frontiers will be showcased at Gamescom. ( 28:46)
Forspoken still looks bad. (45:42)

In Game Chat, we get artsy with Sean Carlson (50:37)
Would you rather  (1:23:51)

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Sean CarlsonProfile Photo

Sean Carlson


Born and raised in Long Island NY, as a self taught artist, I have been creating and sharing my passion for comic books for nearly a decade. Utilizing the kinetic energy of ‘the splatter’, I create paintings which, for a moment, feel as though they are alive and moving. Never limiting myself to one medium or style, I work in both the abstract and representational, as well as a variety of mediums, all one one piece.