June 10, 2022

Episode: Special Guest Content Creator Brian Blackmore

Episode: Special Guest Content Creator Brian Blackmore

Allow us to introduce this weeks guest! Content Creator Brian Blackmore. Brian has 250,000+ Followers on Tiktok, Producer, Musician and DJ. You may know him as the CEO of Nostalgia on Tiktok. If you're looking to take a trip down memory lane or want to hear some really chill music go ahead and check out Brian! 

Host Rob Garcia, Kelvin Rolon, and guest Brian bring you the latest gaming news this week: Fan's upset over Diablo's Immortal Microtransactions (7:10), Summer Game Fest kicks off ( 22:22) .

In Game Chat, we interview Brian and his journey as a Jack of all Trades (51:28).
Gaming Trivia (1:19:24)

Brian Blackmore

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Brian Blackmore

DJ / Producer / Content Creator/ Comedian

Brian Blackmore is a DJ, Producer, Comedian, & Content Creator who rose to Tiktok notoriety with his nostalgic takes on all of your favorite music from games, shows, and everything in between.