Sept. 16, 2022

God of War Ragnarok Looks Absolutely Marvelous ft Claire Weaver from the Days Gone Podcast

Allow us to introduce this weeks guest! It's Claire Weaver from the Days Gone Podcast! This is the podcast to listen to if you are a huge Day's Gone fan or looking into trying out the game.  Claire also streams her favorite games on the 8 bit Terror YouTube channel.

You can check out her channel by clicking here!

The dynamic duo Rob Garcia, Kelvin Rolon, and guest Claire Weaver bring you the latest gaming news this week:
Nintendo Direct Highlights (13:32)
New Playstation Showcase  (32:20)
 Assassin's Creed Showcase (47:26)

In Game Chat, we talk post-apocalyptic games with Claire (1:06:35)

Would you rather  (1:27:38)

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Claire Weaver AKA 8-Bit TerrorProfile Photo

Claire Weaver AKA 8-Bit Terror

Streamer / Podcaster / Screenwriter

Claire Weaver is a screenwriter, author, and streamer. Under the name 8-Bit Terror, she live streams games such as Days Gone, Sniper Elite, TLOU, Uncharted, Mad Max, Resident Evil, DOOM, and Dying Light on YouTube. She is also the host of the Days Gone Podcast, in which she discusses story, characters and world, as well as interviews all sorts of cool people connected to the game. When she's not busy with all that, she dabbles in paranormal investigation and taxidermy.