Xbox Desperately Needs a Win: Xbox Game Pass Is NOT Enough!

Xbox desperately needs a win this year! Game Pass is not enough!

Microsoft has been struggling in 2023 to say the least. Xbox needs a Win if they want to continue having the good will of fans, but are they all out of options? We discuss what Xbox can do to make a comeback and why Game Pass is not the only answer they need to get back on top. The question is, are they willing to press forward after the disaterous launch of Redfall? We have faith! Lets Discuss.

0:00: Intro
2:07: Why Do You Have an Xbox?
5:50: Lets Talk About Redfall
7:32: Lets Talk About Starfield
8:54: Sony is Stacked
13:10: How Much Longer Can We Wait?

What do you think Microsoft can do to bring back Xbox to it's glory days? Let us know in the comments below!

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